5 Ideas for homemade food for school - 4

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The new weekly menu!

The new weekly menu!

Lunchbox 1

Pea stew; homemade bread; grapes; muffins with apples and walnuts; smoothie made by strawberry, banana and oat milk.

The new weekly menu!

Lunchbox 2

Cheese omelette; olives; ciabatta; homemade yogurt salad; аpple; smoothie made by strawberries, banana, yogurt, honey, coconut oil.

The new weekly menu!

Lunchbox 3

Puff patties with cottage cheese; cucumbers with olive oil and salt dressing; raspberries; quail eggs; olives; smoothie made by banana, raspberries, oat milk, coconut oil and honey.

The new weekly menu!

Lunchbox 4

Homemade pizza "Calzone"; cucumbers; orange; muffins with apple; fresh juice made by pineapple, apple and orange.

The new weekly menu!

Lunchbox 5

Homemade banitsa with cheese; yogurt; cucumber with dressing of olive oil and salt; fresh juice made by apple, pear, orange and carrot.

The new weekly menu!


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